Các Dịch Vụ Điều Trị Cho Phụ Huynh và Trẻ Em

Image of a children's counseling office with a table and chairs.

Our Parent-Child Therapeutic Services program provides counseling services to children impacted by domestic violence.

Our therapists work with children ages newborn to 12 years of age to provide mental health counseling. Our services are intended to strengthen the parent-child relationship, improve mental health concerns, reduce emotional and behavioral issues caused by domestic violence, help survivors access additional community resources, and provide psycho-education about the impacts of domestic violence.

Services are free of charge and do not require insurance. Our services are voluntary and are not intended to fulfill court-mandated counseling services. We do not provide custody evaluations, forensic evaluations or expert testimony.

Language interpretation is available to provide services in clients’ preferred language. Languages currently spoken by therapists include English, Spanish and Tamil.

Những gì gia đình chúng ta đang nói:

"PChIP đã giúp tôi nhận ra rằng tôi không phải bị mắc kẹt trong quá khứ, đổ lỗi cho bản thân mình cho những gì con tôi đã được thông qua. Tôi có thể ở cùng họ bây giờ, và chúng tôi thoát khỏi bạo lực. "

"Tôi thích nói về cảm xúc của mình. Tôi không bao giờ biết rằng."

“My son was very upset about his dad and what happened. He couldn’t talk about it and was acting out at school. Now he knows it’s ok to miss his dad and also be mad at him for what he did. I learned how my own feelings about the abuse affected him. We are very thankful for having PChIP services.”

Các Dịch vụ Điều trị cho Phụ Huynh và Trẻ Em của chúng tôi bao gồm:

Telehealth Counseling Sessions

Các hoạt động trị liệu, nghệ thuật và các hoạt động tập trung vào trẻ khác giúp làm lành mối quan hệ giữa cha mẹ và con cái

Therapists meet with clients weekly or bimonthly through a secure videoconferencing platform like Zoom. Meetings consist of parent-child conjoint sessions, family sessions or individual child sessions with parent consultations.

Case Management

Our program coordinator provides bilingual (English and Spanish) case management services to existing clients and survivors. They connect families to resources and make referrals as needed.

Để hội đủ điều kiện cho Dịch vụ Chăm sóc Cha mẹ và Trẻ em, gia đình phải:

  • Have experienced domestic violence (physical, verbal, and/or emotional forms of intimate partner abuse)
  • Have a child/children between the ages of newborn to 11 who will participate in our counseling services
  • No longer be in the relationship and not be living with the abusive person

Can We Help You?

Our Parent-Child Therapeutic Services are currently: CLOSED for Referrals

To contact our program, please connect with Julie Houston – Email: jhouston@impactnw.org / Phone : 503-721-6766

Your conversation will be completely confidential. If Impact NW isn’t the best fit for you, we’ll help connect you to the services you need.