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Impact NW honors Black History month

Last week, through our Independent Living Program (ILP), Impact NW honored Black History month by hosting a life skills event specifically tailored to commemorating and educating youth about black history.
Heidi Brinnich at the 2016 Annual Garden Party

Impact Spotlight: Heidi Brinnich

For Heidi Brinnich, getting involved with Impact NW through volunteering & attending events provided an opportunity for healing and transformation.
Impact NW Spotlights - Hanh Vu

Impact Spotlight: Hanh Vu

Meet Hanh Vu! Hanh has proudly been part of the Impact NW family for the past 6 six years and encompasses many prudent roles at Impact NW.
Impact NW Website Spotlight - Elemental Technologies

Impact Spotlight: Elemental Technologies

Three times a year, AKA Science depends on volunteers to help count, sort and bundle supplies for 80 science kits that we provide to AKA Science instructors. One of our fantastic volunteer groups, Elemental Technologies, has provided volunteer support to our program since 2013.
Impact NW Spotlight: Lucia Lopez

Impact Spotlight: Lucia Lopez

Lucia Lopez came to Impact NW’s Parent-Child Development Services as a client more than 15 years ago, referred by a community health nurse to attend a play group with her second child.
Impact NW Spotlight: Andrea Ngo

Impact Spotlight: Andrea Ngo

Meet Andrea Ngo. As an HR Generalist for Impact NW, she is responsible for setting up all new employees with a profile in the payroll portal.
Impact NW Spotlight: Tyler Oshiro

Impact Spotlight: Tyler Oshiro

Tyler Oshiro ended a year as an AmeriCorps member with the AKA Science program, and now begins his career as Impact NW's AKA Science Program Coordinator.
Impact NW Spotlight: Michelle Welton

Impact Spotlight: Michelle Welton

Meet Impact NW Volunteer Michelle Welton, who has volunteered for our Independent Living Program (ILP) helping foster youth for the last four years.
Impact NW Spotlight: Julia and Anna

Impact Spotlight: SUN Youth Advocacy Program

The SUN Youth Advocacy Program primary goal is to intervene with at-risk youth before they fall through the gaps. Meet two of our clients from this program.
Impact NW Website Spotlight: Liz Norman

Impact Spotlight: Liz Norman

Meet Liz Norman, Impact NW SHINE Site Supervisor: "I love that Impact really embodies the philosophy of being the change you want to see in the world."