Early Childhood Inequality

Early Childhood Inequality (Infographic)

Early childhood education can open the door to success for kids in poverty. And when we invest in our children, society rises up alongside them.
Heidi Brinnich at the 2016 Annual Garden Party

Impact Spotlight: Heidi Brinnich

For Heidi Brinnich, getting involved with Impact NW through volunteering & attending events provided an opportunity for healing and transformation.

Undocumented: Young minds feel the strain of families broken apart.

As a provider to our community’s most vulnerable populations, Impact NW responds to children and families in need. Recently, our staff and volunteers have been finding ways to respond and support children directly affected by the national uncertainties surrounding the topic of immigration.
Three reasons why volunteering as a corporate team is worth your time

Three reasons why volunteering as a corporate team is worth your time

What does volunteering to help teach resume writing and interviewing skills have to do with fostering a strong corporate team? Just ask Jennifer Birk, a Consultant at Propeller Consulting.
We walk with Jeff.

We walk with Jeff.

Jeff Cogen, Impact NW’s Executive Director, experienced a moderate stroke on July 21. The Impact NW community, like everyone, was saddened by the news. Yet, in the days since, we are doing what we do best: rallying for someone who needs us.

An Eye for Photography

William Walker Elementary School student, Yair, developed his talent in digital photography through after-school classes at Impact NW's SHINE Program.
Barry Hendrix, Impact NW Board Treasurer

"Why I'm Stepping Up"

Barry Hendrix, Board Treasurer, discusses his passion for community involvement and his investment in the good works of Impact NW.
SHINE Beaver Acres - Showcase 2017

Beaver Acres SHINE Students Celebrate School Year

After participating in a multitude of after-school classes during the school year, students in Impact NW's SHINE Community School program hosted a showcase of their work.
Trauma Infographic - How Trauma Clouds the Brain

How Trauma Clouds the Brain - Infographic

Trauma isn’t just physical. It includes a wide variety of situations that can result in lifelong consequences with devastating effects.
This nine-year-old gave up birthday presents to help other kids

This Nine-Year-Old helped Impact NW with his Goal of Giving Back

Domestic Violence Impacts 1 in 3 Women. Most incidents of domestic violence go unreported. Even fewer people seek help. Maria is the exception.