Make an Impact

Together we are facing our region’s toughest challenges. But, we have seen the community come together when it is needed most. With your support, we can make our greatest impact by building a unified community of healing and opportunity.

By investing in Impact NW, you are preventing homelessness. You are investing in our culturally responsive, trauma-informed care, where participants learn self-love and resourcefulness, and can move beyond stability to strengthening.

Thank you for supporting Impact NW and thousands of people in our community and for giving them what they most want – a beautiful life.

For people like Matt, Jake, Keia and thousands more of our neighbors, partnership and support from Impact NW can mean the difference between stability in their own homes or the traumatic experience of homelessness.

Impact NW is 100% committed to solutions that restore the livability and sustainability that the Portland region is so well known for. Our driving solution is to prevent homelessness. It’s a simple yet powerful focus. By helping people get the supports they need at the critical moment, we help them avoid a crisis. Everyone benefits, whether they realize it or not.

$1,250 = Impact NW’s cost to stabilize a family.

$3,250 = One month in a shelter.

  $2,000 in value every month for every family.

Here is how your donation will make a difference:

  • $1,250 stabilizes a family of four with rental and energy assistance,
  • $600 helps support seniors who are living alone with essential household items,
  • $300 ensures students have access to innovative skill-building classes and career coaching,
  • $150 provides critical rides to medical appointments for homebound seniors,
  • $50 provides a food box for a family in need.

More ways to donate to Impact NW: