Impact Kits

Homelessness is a challenging experience. For people living outside, it seems like the world is unaware of them. For everyone else, there is growing and deep concern for people living outdoors.

Multnomah County’s most recent Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness identified more than 2,000 people living unsheltered, nearly 1,500 sleeping in emergency shelters, and approximately 500 in transitional housing. Another 50,000 people in the Portland area are lving on the verge of homelessness. One health crisis; emergency room visit, or a lost job can land a family in a shelter, a tent, or on the street.

In collaboration with local businessess and community leaders, Impact Kits is an opportunity to educate the public about the the traumas of homelessness and to make an impact on the lives of some of our most vulnerable community members. Each kit contains basic hygiene items, food, water, and a resource guide. Volunteers assemble and distribute these kits; creating a human connection that can lead to real change for everyone.

Read more about last year’s Impact Kits event and the impact more than 100 volunteers made!

This project is designed with the tech community in mind—it’s flexible, easy to participate in and optimizes community good as well as employee experience!

Impact Kits Process

As a supporter of Impact Kits for Veteran’s Day, you not only will help provide 300+ kits, full of hygiene and other essentials, but also support Impact NW’s year-round efforts to keep families from losing their homes.

For any questions or inquiries about involvement, email us at