Meet the Candidates Cafés


Alongside our partner organizations, and as part of Impact NW’s Advocacy Committee civic engagement focus, we are hosting a series of “Meet the Candidates Cafés” with candidates running for Multnomah County Chair and Commissioner positions

The Multnomah County Chair and Commissioner positions are important to our community because of the duties that fall under their responsibilities and specifically their power to address the homelessness crisis. Read more about the position here


To raise awareness on the candidates running for the Chair and Commissioner positions. We want to engage staff, clients, community members, and partners to learn more about who is running for this position. Impact NW and partnering organizations will not endorse any candidate.


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Past and Upcoming Events:

Sharia Mayfield – March 29th, 12pm PST

Sharia Mayfield

Jessica Vega Pederson – April 5th, 12:30pm PST

Sharon Meieran – April 12th, 1pm PST

Sharon Meieran

Lori Stegmann – April 26th, 1pm PST

Lori Stegmann

Susheela Jayapal – May 4, 2022, 1pm PST

Susheela Jayapal

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