Impact NW Spotlights - Hanh Vu

Meet Hanh Vu, Early Childhood and Youth Program Assistant at Impact NW

Hanh Vu

Meet Hanh Vu, Impact NW – Impact NW | Early Childhood & Youth Program Assistant

In 1986, Hanh Vu hailed from Vietnam with her family to Oregon. She proceeded to have her formative years in Portland while attending Cleveland High school. Hanh’s career first flew off by working with several airlines at the Portland Airport. Hanh admits that this job taught her, her most valued life lessons and formed her hard work ethic. She emphasizes that this was her defining moment of cultivating the art of interacting with people.

Hanh has proudly been part of the Impact NW family for the past 6 six years. Hanh encompasses many prudent roles at Impact NW. She is the Early Childhood and Youth Program Assistant, provides monthly reports, executes student enrollment/registration for SUN & SHINE, performs data re-organization, curates newsletters, and on occasion helps with after school programs. In addition to all the hats she hold, she fulfills her role at the Brentwood Darlington Community Center as a receptionist and trains Easter Seals volunteers.

Hanh discloses that she sustains at her job due to the unwavering passion that expels from her co-workers. Moreover, one of her favorite parts of the job is when she helps out with the after-school program and is able to create authentic relationships with children and parents. Dana a co-worker states, “Hanh has passion for the work that she does and it shows in her involvement.”