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Meet Elemental Technologies, AKA Science Volunteer Group

AKA Science (All Kids Are Scientists) is a fun, interactive after school science program for elementary school students. Kids participate in hands-on experiments that nurture their curiosity, get them excited about science and learning, and help them explore the world around them. AKA Science currently offers 70+ classes per term at 50+ schools (primarily in the Portland Metro Area), and has provided high-caliber, engaging science experiences to more than 11,000 kids since 2004.

 Elemental Technologies works to assemble science kits for the AKA Science program.

Three times a year (each school quarter), AKA Science depends on volunteers to help count, sort and bundle supplies for 80 science kits that we provide to AKA Science instructors. One of our fantastic volunteer groups, Elemental Technologies, has provided volunteer support to our program since 2013.

“During the 2015-16 school year, the Elemental team attended every AKA Science kit-building event and brought 10+ volunteers each time,” said Kim Menig, AKA Science Program Supervisor.

Elemental Technologies’ Community Investment work has grown over the last 5+ years, and they focus on Hunger, Education, and the Environment.

“As a very busy team in the software industry, we are a leader in software-defined video solutions and empower media companies to deliver premium video experiences to consumers. We look for opportunities to do hands-on work as small teams, to give back, and make a positive impact on the community that has supported our growth and success in many ways,” said Emily Barrett, Community Ambassador at Elemental Technologies.

Elemental Technologies volunteers are fun, dynamic and efficient. Most of them have been volunteering together for years, and the team is a powerhouse! The Elemental team often comes up with innovative suggestions to streamline processes and increase productivity.

“Since 2013, Elemental Technologies has contributed 200 volunteer hours to AKA Science! That’s an incredible gift for which we’re extremely grateful,” said Kim Menig, AKA Science Program Supervisor. “The Elemental team knows how to work hard while having fun. They’re willing to do whatever task we set in front of them… and we have some crazy-sounding requests, such as “Count fifty sets of 164 beads,” or “Fill these 200 bags with pea gravel!” Elemental is always up for a challenge, ready to get things done, and full of kindness and good cheer. We love working with them and are lucky to have their support!”

Because Elemental Technologies has consistently provided volunteer support to the program, the group has become very familiar with the program over time, which enables them to identify suggestions that will make the most helpful impact. Kim and the AKA Science team noted how lucky they feel to have Elemental Technologies’ support: “We rely on the Elemental team to make a huge dent in what we need to accomplish each quarter–and to do it with intelligent insights, high spirits and infectious camaraderie.”

Thank you for your amazing volunteer work and support, Elemental Technologies!

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Elemental Technologies: What do you enjoy most about volunteering with AKA Science?

“We love seeing that we really can help in one afternoon by putting together extensive supply kits for the AKA Science after-school program in SUN and SHINE schools. Without volunteers, it would take teachers days to put together hundreds of numbered and labeled supplies. Our teams of 10 to 15 can jump in for 4 hours, and make a dent in this crucial part of the process.” – Emily Barrett, Community Ambassador at Elemental Technologies

Do you have a favorite moment or memory from volunteering?

“We’ve taken some classic team pictures while buried in rubber bands or binder clips or plastic straws. Taking these everyday items and making science learning fun is so much fun for our team.”  – Emily Barrett, Community Ambassador at Elemental Technologies.

“Emily Barrett, the Elemental Community Ambassador, made a cake for everyone to share on her birthday! Elemental constantly finds ways to go above and beyond in creating a meaningful and supportive sense of teamwork, both with us and with each other.” – Kim Menig, AKA Science Program Supervisor