How Trauma Clouds the Brain - an infographic by Impact NW

What is Trauma?

When most people think trauma, they picture a terrible car crash or devastating injury. But trauma isn’t just physical. It includes a wide variety of situations that can result in lifelong consequences:

Examples of trauma: war, poverty, abuse, discrimination or racism, neglect, accident or illness, loss or grief, school violence

The Effects of Trauma

As instances of trauma add up, so does the likelihood of experiencing:

The effects of trauma can include: disability and disease, cognitive impairment, substance abuse, relationship instability, low work performance, premature death

Poverty and Trauma go Hand-in-Hand

Just as poverty may cause trauma, trauma increases the likelihood of dipping into poverty.

3x more likely to be absent from work

15x more likely to attempt suicide

4x more likely to drink excessively

Where does Impact NW Fit In?

Navigating the world of social and safety net services is confusing, stressful, and complex—and can be traumatic on its own. That’s why our programs are crafted with a trauma-informed lens.

Our work with clients aims to provide strategies for coping with previous trauma, while also reducing the additional stress of accessing services.