This Nine-Year-Old helped Impact NW with his Goal of Giving Back

Not a lot of nine-year-olds would give up birthday presents to help other kids.

But that’s exactly what Grant Hydes recently did.

Dylan Hydes and Family

Dylan Hydes (top left) with his son, Grant Hydes (bottom left) and their family.

Yes, it was his dad’s idea. Dylan Hydes wanted to help his son develop a sense of giving back. But it was Grant who embraced the idea and made it work. “He became excited when we gave him the power to choose where the money would go,” Dylan says of Grant.

Grant was moved by the idea of helping children who are homeless or don’t have the things that most kids his age enjoy. He asked his friends and family to donate to Impact NW instead of giving him gifts. He set a goal of raising $75.

“I felt scared that I wouldn’t be able to raise enough money,” Grant said. Grant raised $125. More than that, he inspired his friends and family – and everyone at Impact NW.

“It’s a rare 9-year-old who would agree to do this,” said Andy Nelson, Impact NW’s Associate Director.

Andy sent Grant a note to let him know how much Impact NW values his gift and that he’s making life better for other kids.

“I felt good because I knew I helped someone,” Grant said. “It was important to hear what was happening with the money I donated.”

Dylan says that he’s glad that he encouraged Grant to donate.

“Impact NW really helped to give Grant an enjoyable and memorable experience,” says Dylan, who with his wife, Nicolette, has been an annual Impact NW donor.

Grant offers this advice to others who might be considering donating to Impact NW. “I would tell them that they should do it because some kids have barely anything and all kids should be able to have the things they need.”