Готовность и изучение возможностей карьерного роста (CORE)

Unlocking pathways to success for tomorrow’s workforce

CORE programs provide local youth the opportunity to take action for their future by engaging in career pathway preparation to build professional competency and personal confidence designed to fast-track them to success.

Our CORE program has six pillars of programming:

1. Jobs 101

Partnering with five local SUN program schools, Jobs 101 is a twelve week course offering high school students the opportunity to learn foundational job readiness skills and gain valuable exposure to industry professionals and possibilities. Students get hands-on experience composing cover letters and resumes, role-playing interviews, discovering post-secondary pathways, and interning with a variety of workforce professionals.

2. Pathways to Trade

Partnering with local high schools to provide exploration of the 4 Portland’s trade sectors: Health Care, IT/ Tech, Manufacturing, and Construction. Students spend 4 weeks in each sector, including career readiness; exploring careers, education and training opportunities, day in the life, and local companies.

3. Make @ Impact

A 900 foot maker space located at Impact NW’s facility, Make @ Impact is a manufacturing playground where students can explore material creation and build employable skills with specialized equipment like a 3D printer, CNC desktop mill, laser cutter, skateboard press, band saw, drill press, grinder, and more.

4. Career Coaching

A pillar of Impact NW’s CORE programming, Career Coaching provides each participant with personalized support designed to identify and eliminate barriers that block gainful employment.  Participants create career maps and action plans, explore employment and post-secondary opportunities and participate in transitional exit programs intended to guide them to the logical next step, all under the guided supervision of an experienced CORE Coach.

5. Career Explorations

Career Explorations offers an introduction to the four fastest growing industries in the Portland area: advanced manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and technology.  students gain exposure to each sector with immersive company tours and face-to-face sessions with industry professionals. Using hands-on training, students are able to strengthen the essential workplace skills valued in these high-demand sectors.

6. Manufacturing Pre-Apprenticeship

Geared toward individuals age 18-24 with a vested interest in pursuing a manufacturing career, Manufacturing Pre-Apprenticeship participants will gain relevant industry specific technical knowledge and employability skills.  Successful graduates will have an opportunity for a paid internship or direct employment with a local manufacturing company.

Мы можем вам помочь?

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Additionally, you can visit our CORE website или Facebook page Чтобы получить больше информации.

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