Rosa’s Story

November 28th, 2023

Rosa and her family

Like too many of our neighbors, Rosa and her family faced a financial emergency that cost them their housing.

They spent years unhoused, finally settling on a one-bedroom motel room they could barely afford. Rosa was desperate to find a permanent home for her family of five.

Rosa and her family were homeless for six years – sleeping on couches, in cars and camping in the gorge. That’s when they found Impact NW and social worker Meg.

“It started as a surprise,” says Rosa.

But it quickly became obvious that Meg and Impact NW would be the solution that Rosa and her family were looking for. With evictions on their record, the family needed immediate relief plus help navigating potential solutions. Meg provided the human touch that nonprofits know is crucial to success.

“People deserve to be treated with compassion,” says Meg. “We all deserve to feel connected to our communities regardless of our housing status.”

Rosa and her family began to heal and find the support they needed. Meg and Impact NW helped Rosa and her family get emergency funds to cover the costs of the motel and their storage unit while ensuring that the family had access to healthy food and, ultimately, a new home where they can live for years.

Today, Rosa and her family are thriving.

“Nothing we went through was insignificant,” says Rosa. “Nothing we needed wasn’t addressed. Not enough programs are like that. Impact NW made us feel like we mattered. That’s invaluable. That was everything.”

Stories like Rosa’s highlight the resilience and unity of our community. Your generosity can transform lives and create lasting change.