Catalysts for Impact: Arc’teryx and Impact NW

December 11th, 2020

Over the past year we’ve seen incredible displays of unity spread across this community we call home. Individuals, groups of neighbors, local artists, entrepreneurs and organizations each doing what they can with what they have to stabilize our community throughout this tumultuous time we’ve shared.

What’s become clear is that it takes all of us using our resources and strengths to help lift up and stabilize our neighbors in need. Partnerships in and across the community help us to keep people housed through rental assistance, energy assistance, and upstream support to strengthen families. 

And this week we’re proud to celebrate one of those community partners who is making their impact: Arc’teryx Portland

We’re grateful to partner with Arc’teryx Portland in support of our Give!Guide campaign and our ongoing efforts to raise $1 Million for Homelessness Prevention this year. 

Through their Do Right campaign, Arc’teryx is helping to lead the way towards positive change right here in our own community: 

“The global challenges we face can only be resolved by working together. Do Right is simple. It is our rallying cry to act toward positive change.”


“We see opportunities for innovation all around us. Our instinct is to act––but we’ve found that to be effective, we need to focus. We therefore dedicate our time, energy, and resources to areas where our passion and our expertise intersect, where we can serve as catalysts for the greatest impact.”

There three main areas of focus and support are:

“TIME WELL SPENT: Time spent in wild spaces promotes mental wealth and connection to each other and the planet. We support programs that further those aims.

WILD SPACES & CLIMATE: Our environment defines and inspires us. We support programs for conservation, research, and the restoration of ecologically valuable areas.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Diversity is the essence of life on our planet, enriching our lives and communities. Programs to help people from all backgrounds and life situations engage in self-propelled activity and connect with the outdoors are prized.”

We know what it takes to Prevent Homelessness. It takes a united community and Arc’teryx Portland is a part of that answer. We’re humbled by their commitment to our community and for their continued support.

All this week we’re giving away a jacket a day donated by Arc’teryx to our Give!Guide donors! Find us on Instagram hoặc là Facebook for details or click the links below to learn how you too can make an impact.