Homelessness Prevention Fund

$1 Million for Homelessness Prevention (75% Raised!)
$250,000 left to go

Join your neighbors and make an impact today.

The Portland region stands at a tipping point. A housing crisis has displaced thousands of our neighbors in recent years. COVID has escalated those losses and put thousands more people in jeopardy. Meanwhile, awareness is increasing about racial justice, especially for our Black community. How will we respond? Will we lose the heart and soul of our region or will we come together to support our neighbors like never before?

Impact NW’s is 100% committed to solutions that restore the livability and sustainability that the Portland region is so well known for. Our driving solution is to prevent homelessness. It’s a simple yet powerful focus. By helping people get the supports they need at the critical moment, we help them avoid a crisis. Everyone benefits, whether they realize it or not. 

Raising $1 Million to Prevent Homelessness

That’s why we announced during Make Your Impact: A Virtual Event to Prevent Homelessness on Saturday, September 26th, 2020, the public phase of our Homelessness Prevention Fund.

By achieving our goal of raising $1 Million for our Homelessness Prevention Fund, we will be able to meet the increased demand for support during this challenging moment in our community. With additional aspects of the campaign, including legacy giving and a capital project, this effort is already making a massive impact for our most vulnerable neighbors. 

Legacy Giving

By making a legacy gift you’ll be ensuring stability for families now and in the future.

For people like Matt, Jake, Keia and thousands more of our neighbors, partnership and support from Impact NW can mean the difference between stability in their own homes or the traumatic experience of homelessness. 

  • $1,250 = Impact NW’s cost to stabilize a family.
  • $3,250 = One month in a shelter.

$2,000 in value every month for every family.

Since COVID first began to impact our community, we have seen a 4x increase in demand for emergency supports.

With the support of our partners and fellow community members like you we have already raised $670k of our goal! We know what it takes to Prevent Homelessness. With your support it is possible. So join us and Make Your Impact today!