AKA Science…Because All Kids Are Scientists

AKA Science (All Kids Are Scientists) is a fun, hands-on science program for elementary & middle school students. Kids participate in experiments that nurture their curiosity and help them explore the world around them.

AKA Science uses inquiry-based activities to get kids excited about learning. In the past school year, AKA Science offered more than 200 classesand that served approximately 2,000 kids in northwest Oregon.

The AKA Science package includes field-tested curriculum, interactive instructor training, and a kit full of supplies to bring the curriculum to life. The program is grounded in state and national standards and best practices for after-school science programs. This model has made the program successful in a wide variety of school and community settings.

The AKA Science curriculum rotates on a 3-year cycle, with 9 topics that include physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, engineering, environmental science, and forensic science. Students get to take home many of the supplies they use in class, reinforcing what they’ve learned by sharing experiments with family and friends.


kids have experienced high-caliber, engaging science experiences through AKA Science since 2004


of AKA Science students demonstrate a positive or improved attitude towards science


of AKA Science students demonstrate a high level or increased knowledge of science concepts


classes have been taught in the last year

AKA Science is passionate about making hands-on science accessible to as many Oregon students as possible. AKA Science supports Impact NW’s efforts to “level the playing field” by making high-quality enrichment opportunities accessible to all students.

AKA Science boosts students’ confidence, collaboration, and critical and creative thinking. Science matters—but AKA Science is about much more than science. AKA Science students work together in teams to create, explore, observe and analyze. Based on recent data, 78% of students respond positively to the post-survey question, “I like learning new things.”

Why AKA Science Matters

  • AKA Science addresses key equity issues. Careers in STEM represent a growing field of living wage jobs. However, a 2013 report shows that classroom instructional time for science is declining–across the nation, and particularly in Oregon. By partnering with 50+ schools (and counting!), AKA Science fills a crucial educational gap.
  • AKA Science targets students at a critical age (elementary and early middle school). Research shows that students’ interest in future science careers—or lack thereof—develops by a young age.
  • AKA Science makes science accessible and inviting. Research shows that students’ enjoyment of science often predicts career aspirations, especially for girls.
  • AKA Science transforms after-school time into a dynamic learning opportunity. Research shows that students’ “science identities” are often influenced by out-of-school experiences. Informal science learning experiences are pivotal, especially for historically underrepresented groups.

Stories of Success

What our Students are Saying:

“AKA Science is important to me, because we get to do awesome and fun stuff, and investivations that we don’t get to do in class or other times of the day. It helps me distract from other things or worries.” – Edith, AKA Science Student

“I like AKA Science because it is entertaining and useful. If I was not here, I would be at home playing games or watching TV. This club has taught me new things that are definitely interesting and fun!” – Kai, AKA Science Student

“I think AKA Science is the best, because we get to make cool things and learn more and more cool things about science! I think every one of us are scientists.” – Mark, AKA Science Student

“AKA Science is awesome!!! I like how the teachers let us have the material / project after class. When I go home, I always show my little brother what I did during class. He’s always asking me if he can be in it. I would love to see younger kids be interested in AKA Science, because I want them to have fun learning like I did.” – AKA Science Student

“I really like AKA Science. It’s so much fun and I learn a lot. I’m learning about Earth, rocks, and natural disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes. And in winter, we did forensics! We learned about detective stuff and trace evidence. The activities are also sooooo much fun. And that’s why I love AKA Science.” – Milliona, AKA Science Student