We stand with you.

Fear and uncertainty in our community has escalated in response to recent executive orders from the White House. Impact NW is hearing these concerns every day from people who are working to overcome financial and other hardships. The fear and uncertainty is especially strong among immigrant communities.

At this extremely difficult time, Impact NW is finding strength in the values we were founded on 50 years ago: compassion, kindness, and a belief in the dignity and worth of every human being no matter what they look like, if or how they worship, where they come from or who they love.

Now more than ever, we stand with our neighbors seeking human rights, basic needs, opportunity, and hope. We are heartened to know that most people here in the greater Portland-Vancouver community feel the same way and are looking for ways to help. In kinship with many other local nonprofits, Impact NW invites you to join with us to: