Parent-Child Development Services hosts “Bring Museum to the Community” Event

A mother and child play at the Bringing the Museum to the Community eventOn March 9th, 2016, our Parent-Child Development Services program hosted “Bringing the Museum to the Community,” a collaborative event between Portland Children’s Museum and Impact NW. This was a fun-filled educational event attended by 61 children between 8 months and 4 years old and 45 parents. The event provided parent-child interactions at five activity stations:

  • Clay Building stimulated cognitive and sensory skills by promoting imaginative problem solving skills, building techniques, and child-to-child interactions.
  • Sensory Play gave children the opportunity to learn about sea animals! Guided by parents, they learned to share, play cooperatively with others, and have fun.
  • Water Beads provided texture exploration, color identification, and fine motor stimulation.
  • Bottle Cap Mandala allowed children to create art with hundreds of bottle caps collected throughout Impact NW’s program sites. The children worked together and with their parents, sorting bottle caps by color and size.
  • Collaborative Mural Art was all art expression! Parents and children worked together through free drawing to create a beautiful mural.

Siblings help each other stack shapes at the PCDS Bring the Museum to the Community eventImpact NW’s Parent-Child Development Services (PCDS) program was designed to help struggling parents develop the skills they need to support their children’s learning and development.

For more information about PCDS, or if you or someone you know is interested in our PCDS services, call us at (503) 721-6777 and ask for our PCDS Program Supervisors.