Local tech company helps bring fun science classes to more kids

We know that getting kids interested in science matters—and we’re grateful that local tech company AWS Elemental thinks so, too!

AWS Elemental, an Amazon Web Services company, combines deep video expertise with the power of the AWS cloud to allow broadcast TV and multiscreen video to be customized, originated and monetized at a global scale. The Portland-based organization has offered support to Impact NW through volunteer support, employee matching funds, and cash donations for several years. Its support has been integral in sustaining (and growing!) AKA Science, a fun, hands-on science program for elementary & middle school students.

AWS Elemental volunteers and family sorting sugar packets

AWS Elemental staff and family volunteer regularly with AKA Science. Tasks often include sorting dozens or hundreds of items—like these sugar packets!

“We are blown away by Elemental’s recent donation of $7,500, which will cover all the supplies for our upcoming Biology Quest unit,” said Kim Menig, the AKA Science Program Supervisor. Each AKA Science unit gets hundreds of local kids excited about learning, offering top-notch enrichment opportunities to students who may not otherwise have access to them.

With the support of AWS Elemental, up to 1,360 kids will create, explore, observe, and analyze the world around them… and have a blast, too!

“My history with Elemental is a string of moments in which everything I thought I knew about the challenges of running a nonprofit program got turned on its head—all because their generosity exceeds what I ever imagined,” said Kim.

Because of companies who value community engagement like AWS Elemental, and the support of many volunteers and donors, our AKA Science program has made an impact. Thank you, Elemental!

Engaging Science Classes for ALL Kids!

We believe high-quality enrichment opportunities should be accessible to all students. In classes supported by the Portland Children’s Levy in 2016-17, our students were:

Living in East Portland
Youth of Color

AKA Science Makes Science Fun!

In classes supported by the Portland Children’s Levy in 2016-17, of students who met the minimum participation threshold and completed a pre/post survey:


demonstrated a positive or improved attitude towards science


demonstrated a high level or increased knowledge of science concepts