Three Reasons why
Volunteering as a Corporate Team is Worth Your Time

What does volunteering to help teach resume writing and interviewing skills have to do with fostering a strong corporate team? Just ask Jennifer Birk, a Consultant at Propeller Consulting: “When Impact NW told us about an opportunity to help teenagers transitioning out of the foster care system by holding professional skills workshops, we knew it would generate a lot of interest.”

“The team at Propeller worked hand-in-hand with us and made our events theirs,” said
Dana Spears-Talbert, Supervisor of Youth & Family Services at Impact NW. “We first met Propeller Consulting during a time of transition: staff members shifting, a lack of funding to pay for movers and an entire office to relocate. Propeller came in and organized and cleaned our entire office and by the end, we were able to open and provide the quality services that we are known for without missing a beat!”

Volunteering as a team benefits everyone. Here are our top reasons why volunteering as a corporate team is worth your time:

Practice & Share Your Team’s Skills

Whether you’re an expert in resume writing or coding computer applications, what better way to practice your skills than teaching others? And you’ll be giving invaluable insight, training, and support to our community’s future leaders.

Propeller and ILP Workshop

The all-inclusive Life Skills workshop that Propeller facilitated with our Independent Living Program included raffles, Word & Excel training, Mock Interviews, Resume Ideas and lunch. There was also a panel where former clients and Propeller consultants told their stories and inspired our clients. Propeller is always willing to put together classes that benefit the foster youth in our program. If there is a life skill to be taught, there is a class to be had!

Help Strengthen Portland by Forming New Partnerships

“When Propeller met with Impact NW for the first time, we knew that we had the opportunity to create a tremendous partnership,” said Jennifer. Partnerships can take many forms and allow organizations to align their brand with those that do crucial work with the most vulnerable members of our community. “We are all so pleased to partner with such a strong, hard-working, conscientious organization—values that we hold dear at our own company.”

Spend Meaningful Time Bonding

Volunteering is unlike other team building activity: it lets employees grow together as a group and on a personal level, you’ll gain self-esteem and self-worth. Working towards a goal together gives co-workers a renewed energy around their skills—something that Propeller noticed with their own team: “Partnering with Impact has brought our consultants closer together, and deepened and enriched our connection to the community,” said Jennifer.

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