Legacy Giving


There comes a time in your life when you want to know that your life has had purpose – when you seek to leave a meaningful mark in your community. Legacy Planning can help you use the resources and experiences you’ve accomplished in life to ensure that there is a lasting impression for the causes that mean the most to you.

     Learn more in our Legacy Giving Packet.


  • 你对生活有真诚的赞赏,并有动力为世界留下有意义的印记
  • 你重视与朋友或家人的关系
  • 你喜欢保留你的价值观和最终愿望,以确保你离开亲人清晰和灵感的想法


  • 慈善剩余信托
  • 慈善IRA滚动
  • 慈善牵头信托
  • 遗赠
  • 受益人名称
  • 捐赠的礼物
  • 证券
  • 房地产人寿保险
  • 退休计划资产
  • 储蓄债券
  • 人寿保险福利

For more information, please contact Ada Dortch, Development Director at
(503) 294-7416 或通过电子邮件在 adortch@impactnw.org.