Andy Nelson,执行董事


Andy于2016年7月加入Impact NW,担任副总监,主要负责开发,沟通和品牌推广。这是各种各样的回归。 Andy从2000年至2002年担任Impact NW的发展总监。他继续领导Hands On Greater Portland从一开始就发展成为该地区领先的志愿服务引擎。 Andy接下来带领Big Brothers Big Sisters在2014年成为俄勒冈州最受尊敬的非营利组织。

Andy曾任波特兰公园委员会主席和多元合作伙伴副主席 - 带给你的人说嘿! Andy是新英格兰人,Andy获得康涅狄格大学社会工作硕士学位,2008年毕业于领导波特兰。他和妻子和儿子住在东北波特兰。

Kendra Johnson, Deputy Director

Kendra is the leader of all programs and program staff. With over 10 years of experience, Kendra’s career began by providing direct services to children, youth, families, and communities. Kendra began working at Impact NW in 2009 and has a strong background in community outreach and working with marginalized and oppressed identity groups. She is passionate about effecting systemic change, which led her to take on a leadership role at Impact NW in 2015.

Kendra is an alumna of Portland State University, receiving a Master of Social Work degree. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Human Services from the University of Oregon. Kendra is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.—a community service organization led by African American college-educated women that is continually leading effective advocacy and social change for equality and equity for all.

Heather Berry, Director of Finance

Heather Berry is from Oregon and has been with Impact NW since 2013. As the Director of Finance, Heather oversees the financial systems including, compliance, financial strategy and financial reporting.

Heather has over a decade of management experience working in varied environments including universities and non-profit organizations. Starting her career in culturally-specific mental health clinics, Heather has developed a strong understanding of the value and importance of direct client services and believes that part of providing exemplary client service includes responsible, sustainable and transparent business practices.

Ada Dortch,开发总监

Ada Dortch has been with Impact NW since 2013; first as the Grants Director and then as the Development Director in 2018. She brings over 10 years of experience in nonprofit fundraising, program development, and project management. She previously worked in a large hospital system, and with an international human rights organization where she was responsible for program development and fundraising across 40 countries in Europe and Central Asia. Ada also comes from a social work background and brings these experiences with her in her fundraising role. Ada is committed to helping the community where she was born and lives. Ada resides in NE Portland with her husband and her fantastische 4岁。

人力资源总监Beth Gibbs

Beth Gibbs has more than 10 years of human resource and nonprofit experience.  She works with the Impact NW leadership and staff to ensure our HR strategy supports the organizational goals and mission at every level.  She has been with Impact NW since 2007 and in her current role as HR Director since 2015.


住房和安全网服务总监Jana Hak

Jana于2010年从捷克共和国移民后于2011年2月加入Impact NW的住房和安全部门。她拥有法律硕士学位,在就职于Impact NW之前,曾在捷克共和国政府办公室工作总理的立法机关。

Sharing similar experiences with many of Impact NW’s clients from the early stages of her immigration, Jana has a deep understanding of issues such as poverty and lack of resources. Because of that experience, she is also aware of the need for empowerment, Trauma-Informed Care, wrap-around services, and community support.



Julie Houston has been the Director of Early Childhood & Family Services since July 2010. Julie comes to Impact NW with a Master’s degree in Education, 16 years of experience teaching in Early Childhood classrooms, seven years supervising student teachers in Early Education programs, and five years as an adjunct faculty member in the Early Education and Family Studies department at Portland Community College.


自从加入Impact NW以来,朱莉的热情使她成为社区的领导者,为儿童展望和北卡拉卡马斯学区志愿服务,并监督Impact NW首个健康启动计划,直到她成为董事。

Gina Kim-Folston, Director of Youth and Family Services

Gina has been with Impact NW since 2008 and spent the majority of her years working with SUN Community Schools as the SUN site manager at Marysville School then moving on to becoming the SUN CS Program Manager and Assistant Director at Impact NW. In July 2019, Gina became the Director of Youth and Family Services. As Director of Youth and Family Services, Gina oversees programs that strive to strengthen and stabilize youth and their families by providing an array of services in partnership with local school districts, stakeholders and other community based organizations.

Gina always knew she wanted to work in education and social services and being at Impact NW was a way of combining her passion for education and supporting historically underserved communities. She values the importance of bringing in trauma informed practices, equity and mindfulness into her work. Gina continues her work in supporting communities of color by being a board member of the Korean American Coalition of Oregon where she is able to bring in her experiences of working in nonprofits for 20 years and connect with other Korean Americans who have lived similar experiences. Gina holds a Bachelors in Sociology from the University of Oregon and a Masters of Education from Portland State University. She lives in East County Portland with her husband and three boys.

Mamak Tabrizian, Director of Senior Services

Mamak已经与Impact NW合作超过33年。在她目前的职位上,她自1999年以来一直担任Mamak监督老年人和残疾成年人的所有机构服务,包括交通,案件管理,教育和娱乐活动以及照顾者支持。

Mamak拥有Lewis&Clark College的传播学学士学位和波特兰州立大学的社会工作硕士学位 - 辅导教育。她是一位经过认证的调解员,在波斯语流利。 Mamak还担任区域交通协调委员会执行委员会成员。

除了与家人共度时光之外,Mamak在Impact NW以外的生活中非常活跃。她是波特兰伊朗社区的积极参与者,目前担任伊朗老年俱乐部董事会主席,并担任其他许多职责。


Anna (they/their/theirs) has lectured on inclusion, race, and social justice on four continents, with the aim of affecting institutional and organizational change. A native Vietnamese speaker, Anna is an experienced youth worker, programmer and educator focused on the empowerment of young people, students and people of color. In the three years they have resided in the US, they have professionally trained staff from over 100 organizations in Oregon around Inclusion, Trauma-Informed Care, Restorative Justice, Inter-cultural Communication, and STEM and Art Practices.

Anna brings with them a rich, varied background, having lived in 8 countries and previously taught workshops, regarding cultural inclusion and working with asylum seekers, at the Alice Salomon University for Social Work in Berlin, Germany. Anna has years of experience of advocacy and social justice work and such, understands that race and ethnicity play a defining role in one’s life experiences and outcomes, and these deeply-rooted inequities have vastly negative social and health outcomes for people of color, and need to be at the forefront of how we shape our policies and our direct work with clients in need.

多元化,公平和包容性经理在各个层面开展工作,解决组织对Impact NW社区的包容性和文化响应能力的组织实践。他们的网站可以在这里找到 https://impactnw.org/关于美/ DEI /