Preventing Coronavirus at Impact NW

March 5th, 2020

As we work to prevent homelessness, we have also begun work in recent days to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. We are working to protect the people we serve, many of whom are especially vulnerable to the virus, as well as our employees. We are also sharing information widely.

No cases of the virus, also known as COVID – 19, have been reported among the people we serve or our employees. Our programs and facilities remain open. Still, we are highly engaged in preventing the spread of the virus. Our Coronavirus Task Force is coordinating several efforts in cooperation with health officials.

While we continue to see our clients, we are asking people who visit our locations to wash hands and, as necessary, use face masks. We are especially focused on older adults or those with compromised health. We are sanitizing all of our locations every day, distributing masks and following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and others.

Our employees are also following the hand-washing protocol. They are being asked to stay home if they feel sick. We are also planning to protect our employees if they do get sick and must miss extended time.

Above all, we are working to quell fears and anxiety by putting our focus on prevention and encouraging others to do the same. We are also sharing information like these resources from the CDC. 

Please know that we will continue to share information about our prevention efforts.

*Read the March 19, 2020 Letter from our Executive Director for an update on our work to prevent homelessness amid the COVID-19 crisis.