Impact NW & Buckman SUN Honors Volunteers!

During National Volunteer Appreciation Month, we are proud and honored to say, THANK YOU – to our amazing volunteers. Simply stated: we could not do it without you!  Not only do our volunteers enhance the richness and diversity of services that we can provide to our program participants, but they actually increase the amount of services we can provide.  For each hour that one of our volunteers mentors a young child, or supports an older adult in pro-social activities, or organizes our emergency food pantry – more scarce funds are going directly towards those in our community who need it most!  

To commemorate National Volunteer Appreciation Month, Impact NW has selected two outstanding individuals as Honored Volunteers, to publically acknowledge for their unwavering commitment, energy, and contribution to our SUN Community School site at Buckman Elementary.

Vicki Pace and Matthew Nichols, have chosen to dedicate their time to enhance the lives of Buckman youth, and we are so thankful that they have!

When we asked the Site Manager about Vicki’s contribution at the school, she had this to say: “She looks to see what is needed and then just jumps in and does it without even being asked.  She’ll hear us talking about something in the office and she’ll come back the next day with posters to recruit other volunteers and they are really clever and more visually appealing than anything I could come up with.  I think it’s that initiative and creativity that is just amazing.” Vicki brings her positive energy, unique skills, and knowledge to her volunteer work and it’s not only program staff that recognize her contribution. Of her direct work with youth, Vicki says that

“It’s just fun and it’s energizing…it’s very fulfilling to have one of the students say that art project I suggested was one of the most fun projects they have ever done.”

Buckman Elementary SUN School’s choice for Honored Youth Volunteer is Matthew, an exemplary student who first volunteered as a Summerworks Intern (a job-readiness program for youth). “He has been an outstanding young person…and has continued volunteering with us and just keeps coming back.  The kids all know him and feel comfortable around him.” Matthew has learned a great deal about program operations during his time volunteering with SUN.

“He is willing to jump in and do anything that we need. It means a lot when there is someone consistent that can just jump in and do what is needed because they are so familiar with everything.”

Volunteers, like Matthew and Vicki, are truly the heart of our organization and make an immeasurable impact on the people they work with, staff and program participants alike, transforming our shared community into a better, more inspiring place to live and work.  Thank you again for sharing your time, talent and voice to make a difference in all of our lives!