Jake’s Story

April 21, 2020

At this precise moment, our world and shared community are facing an unparalleled crisis. But while the impacts of COVID-19 continue to touch each and every one of our lives, our most vulnerable neighbors are now more at risk than ever before.

“COVID-19 is hitting vulnerable people the hardest. The fewer your resources, the worse this is for you.” -Cupid Alexander. 

The very same people we serve and have served for more than five decades are now facing a battle of unforeseen proportions. The ongoing ripple effect of vulnerability, trauma and homelessness to inevitably arise from this moment will require an unmeasurable unity across our community. It will take all of us, one by one to stand up, reach out and lift up our struggling neighbors. 

We know what it takes to Prevent Homelessness. Our approach is working. But there is so much more to do. There are so many more people who will turn to Impact NW for support. 

“There are a lot of beautiful human beings like Jake, who are unique and special and talented and if they had the proper supports they could be great at whatever they are trying to do in life. Impact NW stands in the gap to do that. We help people.” – Malcolm 

We can Prevent Homelessness. We know what it takes. Join us and make your impact today.