Wildfires In Our Community: Information, Resources and Support

September 10th, 2020

As the sky around us darkens and historic wildfires rage across our beloved PNW community, we at Impact NW are watching and weeping over the ongoing destruction and heightened feelings of helplessness, confusion and fear.

Here at Impact NW we are taking this moment to check in with our colleagues, our neighbors, and the vulnerable community members we serve. We are all grieving for our community but we know we well make it through this challenging moment together. In an internal message to the Impact NW team, Housing Program Supervisor Deanna Dalton reminds us of this: 

“Please check in with those you are serving, making sure they are safe and have the resources they need. Please check in with your team and your supervisor- we are all grieving. We will naturally be distracted. Communicate and take care of your good heart. Your INW community is here for you.”

We hope the following resources can provide information, strength and stability for you and your community during this difficult time: 

Below are the County responses with up-to-date information about wildfires in their area:

Oregon Government Resources:

Resources on grief and trauma due to natural disasters:

Articles that speak on grief and wildfires:

  • Frontline– “Coping With Emotional Trauma from Fire”
  • Medium–  “Grief and Wildfires”
  • APA: “Recovering from wildfires”

If you are willing and able to support with a donation, consider one of the following: 

Evacuation sites continue to accept donations to help support those who have evacuated. Essential items, supplies, food and water are always needed. 

“Be safe. Help your community. We have weathered so much this year and will do so here, together.”