Together We Raised $1.16 Million

January 21st, 2020

One year ago, we set out to raise $1 million to prevent homelessness. We knew we had to do something big to help stop the homelessness crisis and then COVID hit. That’s when something remarkable started to happen—people from all walks of life began giving to our Homelessness Prevention Fund.

A community’s spirit is amplified during moments of crisis. Our strengths become more salient as our deeply-rooted systemic problems escalate. These moments challenge each of us to look inward and to act outward in support of our neighbors, to recognize our community’s strength and our own inherent ability to Make An Impact.

What we’ve seen over this past year is a collaboration of individuals, organizations and activist groups from all corners of the community. People from all walks of life uniting together to prevent homelessness.

People like Lisa Kaner, Zach Hull and Nichole Tassoni, Barry and Marilyn Hendrix, Donna Allen Wardenaar, and Bonnie Serkin.

Organizations like Clark Foundation, PGE Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation, Advantis Credit Union, Genentech, and AWS Elemental.

Lawyers, artists, chefs and delivery drivers. Nurses and doctors, the essential workers living down the street and in our own homes, and all the people working to help our community emerge from this moment a stronger, more united place with opportunity and equity for all. Thank you for being a part of our community and for the impact you’ve made.

  • “Dear Non-Profit Staff, Thank you all for the good work you do. It makes a huge impact on our community.  You are special people to be in this line of work.  With great appreciation” – Marsha
  • “[We are a] local family-run foundation. We applaud the good work your organization is doing to make a difference in the world and better our community. Thank you.” – Kathy
  • “You are doing great things in our community. Thank you.” – Debra and Tom
  • “Thank you for all you are doing to make this world better. Giving is a gift unto itself. I love Portland. I love Oregon. I love you.” – Paul
  • “Thank you for all the hard work that you do to make this world a better place.”  – Christina and Ken

It’s clear to us that people want to help, to really and truly make a difference in their community. Thousands of individuals are doing what they can with what they have to make an impact at a time it’s needed most. And here at Impact NW we’re proud to facilitate and magnify that impact.

Looking forward, we’re prepared to meet the increased need because of you.

P.S. Check out these two spotlights on our Homelessness Prevention Fund from Street Roots и Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO)!