New Affordable Housing Coming Soon with Alder 9

February 23rd, 2022

“The Portland Housing Bureau has awarded funding to three new projects with the remaining funds from Portland’s Housing Bond. The new projects join 12 others already open or in progress, bringing the projected total affordable homes produced through the city’s first housing bond to 1,859—housing for an estimated 3,834 people. The announcement kicks off a momentous 2022 for Portland’s Housing Bond, which will also see six new buildings open this year.” (1190 KEX News Radio)

We Know What It Takes To Prevent Homelessness

Access to affordable housing is a key part of the solution to the homelessness crisis in our community. At Impact NW, we are focused on long-term solutions addressing the crisis and aim to provide strength and stability for thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors. 

We keep people housed—preventing them from ending up on the streets in the first place. We are grateful to be a part of the Alder 9 community as a service provider helping people to maintain their housing and reach their goals in life.

Alder 9 Affordable Housing

“The solution to homelessness has always been housing so we are energized to be part of this project to bring 160 new affordable units to the Buckman neighborhood.” – Andy Nelson, Impact NW Executive Director

Access to affordable housing is a key part of the answer to the homelessness crisis in our community. Learn more about the project and how we’re working to prevent homelessness in our community. See more how this is a part of the answer to #PreventHomelessness and how we’re helping to lead the way: