Ending Veteran Homelessness

Because no veteran should be without a place to call home.

Veteran Homelessness Decreasing

Veteran homelessness in the United States has decreased by a whopping 50 percent since 2010, thanks in large part to the work of nonprofit organizations like Impact NW.

Veteran housing programs through the VA and at nonprofits like Impact NW are communicating better and more consistently. We’re collaborating better, more preventively, and serving as a true safety net for our veterans.

Impact NW supports veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless through:

  • rental & utility support
  • childcare
  • moving & transportation
  • legal help
  • emergency supplies

Locally, Impact NW Plays a Large Role

In 2015, Impact NW served 163 veteran families; or 42% of the total local population served.Last year, veteran programs in the Portland area served 386 homeless families. Impact NW served 163 veteran families; or 42% of the total population served.

Nationally, Programs like Impact NW Make a Difference

Last year, veteran programs like Impact NW’s across the country helped 69,000 veteran families find homes. This year, veteran programs anticipate serving over 170,000 veteran families nationally!

How You Can Help:

Support homeless veteran families this holiday season online at holidayhopedrive.org

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