Impact NW’s Domestic Violence Services work to reduce the negative effects of domestic violence on children by strengthening the parent-child relationship.

Our Domestic Violence Services Include:

Parent Child Involvement Project (PChIP)
Safe Start

Parent-Child Involvement Project (PChIP)

With a focus on children ages 0 to 12 – and their siblings, this project provides emotional support, parenting skills education, developmental guidance, advocacy and assistance in creating safe and stable homes and communities.

Parent-Child Support

Home and community based therapeutic services for families. Parent-Child Specialists offer in home support generally centered around therapeutic play, art and other child focused activities intended to heal the parent-child relationship and problems associated with child exposure to violence.  Services can also include additional forms of support, such as: restraining order attainment and court attendance, help navigating child welfare, school support including IEPs, safety planning, some crisis management, collaboration with other service providers, etc.

Mom Power

Parent Child groups for safe parents and children, intended to create supportive communities for mothers and children, provide education and support around parenting and domestic violence, build the mother-child relationship, and develop positive social skills for children.

In order to qualify for PChIP services, families must:

  • Have experienced domestic violence (physical, verbal and/or emotional forms of abuse)
  • Have at least one child between the ages of 0-12
  • Not be living with the abusive person

PChIP services are free of charge and do not require insurance, billing or diagnoses. Service goals are established collaboratively with families, including length of involvement and desired outcomes. All services are voluntary and confidential.

 Safe Start

The Safe Start program design is based on the idea that the safety, stability and physical and mental health of children are best supported by the safety, stability and physical and mental health of a non-abusing parent.

This program offers home-based parent-child therapeutic services to survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)/Domestic Violence (DV) with children between the ages of  0-12 . Co-Located at the Gresham DHS Child Welfare Branch, all client referrals come from Gresham DHS staff and co-located Safe Start program partners.

This program is generously funded by the Multnomah County Domestic Violence Coordinator’s Office.

Contact Safe Start:

For more information, contact Meg Wills, Early Childhood Program Manager, at, or call (503)721-6788.