We believe it takes many caring individuals to help a young person live a happy, healthy life

Impact NW Mentoring provides extra support to elementary and middle school-aged youth who are challenged by low-income circumstances as a way to help them to succeed in school, their community, and society.

Impact NW Mentoring strives to provide these youth with the benefits that can come from spending one-to-one time with a caring, committed and dynamic person. Mentors are positive guides and role models that youth can count on to help them achieve their full potential.

Program Description

Impact NW Mentoring focuses on building a quality relationship between a youth and a dedicated volunteer mentor. This is achieved through a combination of school-based and community-based mentoring. Matches meet one-on-one at their school for at least one hour each week under the supervision of school and Impact NW staff. After the first 3 months matches have the option to meet in their community, to explore local parks and businesses, to make new discoveries, deepen their relationship, and engage in the community. Mentors focus on building a trusting relationship through activities that are of interest to the mentee such as sports, games, reading, and arts & crafts. The mentor also encourages learning by showing active interest in the academic progress of their mentee and helping the mentee build success in the school setting. The mentoring relationship is enhanced by participation in agency sponsored group outings and community service projects and, for older youth, skill-building workshops and job shadowing. Mentors are asked to make a commitment of 1 year and have the opportunity to continue the relationship beyond these years if desired.

Partner Schools: Harrison Park School (K-8), Bridger School (K-8), Harvey Scott (K-8), Marysville (K-8), Buckman Elementary, Whitman Elementary, Woodmere Elementary, Kelly Elementary.

Target Population: Students who live or attend school in low-income areas in Southeast and Northeast Portland and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. A need of healthy peer and/or adult relationships
  2. Difficulty thriving in school as a result of low self-esteem or lack of interest
  3. School absenteeism or behavioral problems while at school
  4. Lack of participation in classroom and/or other school activities
  5. Struggling to meet academic benchmarks

Program Goals:

  1. Increase self-esteem
  2. Improve peer and/or adult relationships
  3. Increase school success

Program Funding:

Childrens_Levy_vertThe Impact NW Mentoring Program is funded by the Portland Children’s Levy. The Levy annually invests $10 million in programs designed to help children arrive at school ready to learn, provide safe and constructive after-school alternatives for kids, prevent child abuse, neglect and family violence and help foster kids succeed.

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Can We Help You?

If you or someone you know is interested in Impact NW’s Mentoring Program, call us at (503) 988-5961. Your conversation will be completely confidential, and if Impact NW isn’t the best fit for you, we’ll help connect you to the services you need.