SUN & SHINE Community Schools

SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods)
SHINE (Schools Helping Involve Neighborhoods in Education)

IMG_2271Because most low-income parents must work full-time jobs to support their family, the children are often left unsupervised after school—leaving them more vulnerable to bullying and to risky behaviors like substance use and gang activity. Many of these children leave class hungry, with no guarantee of food until the next school day.

Impact NW supports low-income students through our Community Schools programs by offering extended-day activities that engage students, parents, and community members, transforming high-poverty public schools into vibrant community centers.

Our Community Schools program improves the lives of more than 20,000 children and their families each year.

The overwhelming majority of Community Schools’ students qualify for free or reduced lunch and have been identified as being at-risk of academic failure; many speak English as a learned language. Community Schools’ activities promote student achievement, enrich day-school curriculum, and increase school attendance. All participants also have access to an after-school meal and homework support. Recent examples of extended-day activities include ESL (English as a second language) classes for students and their families, dance and movement classes, college and financial aid informational sessions, sports, art, science, and cultural celebrations for Black History Month & Cinco de Mayo.

Our SHINE Schools offer reading and math interventions for students who may be struggling academically in these subjects.

Can we help you?

For more information about Impact NW’s SUN Community Schools program, contact Gina Kim-Folston, SUN Community Schools Program Manager, at (503) 721-6778 or email For more information about Impact NW’s SHINE Community Schools program, contact Amy Powers, SHINE Community Schools Program Manager, at (971) 238-9590, or email

Impact NW offers Community Schools programming at the following local area schools:

  • Barnes Showcase 2015 020

    Students and parents at Barnes Elementary’s SHINE School end the year with a party and showcase of student activities.

    Barnes Elementary

  • Beaver Acres Elementary
  • Bonny Slope Elementary
  • Buckman Elementary
  • Creston School
  • Kinnaman Elementary
  • Franklin High School
  • Markham Elementary
  • Marysville Elementary
  • Whitman Elementary
  • William Walker Elementary
  • Woodmere Elementary