Advocacy Services at Impact NW range from the client-specific to broad policy changes


Individually, we work with clients to learn to advocate effectively for themselves.  We help a young mother learn to speak up effectively on behalf of her son who needs additional help to learn to read.  We encourage fathers to take active, strong roles in the lives of their children, even when they don’t live with them.  We show young people graduating from high school how to procure financial aid and apply successfully for college.    We help elders speak up to their families about their desire to remain in their homes and to obtain the necessary support to do so safely.

We also amplify those voices around policy issues when policy becomes personal.  Examples are seniors advocating for increased funding for in home services that actually save the State millions of dollars every year at a fraction that cost.  We drive busloads of adults with disabilities to Salem to show how very personally policy and funding changes effect real people.    We train, organize and support those who are not often at the policy table, who in turn seize and amplify their voices, carrying them into those dark rooms where deals are struck and policy is made.

Finally, we work constantly with policy makers to suggest solutions to critical social justice issues.  We are a trusted source of information and access to those with little political voice:  people of color, hard working low income families, those living with their own or their children’s disabilities, those for whom English is not their first language and the aging.  We provide stories, statistics and solutions to the media, elected officials, neighborhoods and the general public.

Most of what Impact NW does is collaborative.  Political advocacy is no exception.   The following organizations are our Advocacy partners who inform our positions and who lend greater voice on behalf of those who are too often invisible in political decision making.  If you are interested in joining Impact NW’s Advocacy Committee, please contact Susan Stoltenberg,, 503-988-6887.

Please explore the following resources for current information on advocacy issues within our community and across the State.

Housing and Anti-Poverty

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Children and Families